Toddler travel bed with sides

It is important for parents who are always on the go to have a travelling bed for kids comfort, convenience and safety.  It is challenging especially travelling with toddlers compared to babies. Often the hotels you book doesn’t have proper accommodation for the little lots. Hence, you should own a toddler travel bed to ensure you kid sleeps comfortably in new places.toddler-travel-bed-with-sides

There are many options available when selecting a toddler travel bed, from different colors to different shapes of design and from light materials to heavy ones. You should go for an ideal product that gives your kid most convenient sleeping place and better comfort. When selecting the best travel bed for your kids consider those toddler travel bed with sides to avoid kids falling off. The walls should be firm enough to prevent your toddler from falling off when asleep.

Choose toddler beds that are close to the ground so that they can get in and out of bed easily without assistance. Low beds also help prevent them from falling or rolling out resulting in injuries. Other features you should consider when choosing a travel bed with sides are ease of assembly, size and weight of the bed and cost.

The Shrunks Travel Bed

This travel bed is a popular option. It can be packed into a carry bag, it is lightweight and inflates within five minutes. Shrunks travel bed is safe from lead, phthalate and BPA. This bed has raised sides to prevent your kid from rolling off during the night. You have to use your own sheets or purchase the sleeping bag separately. Shrunks travel bed is inflatable and comes with an electric pump. It weighs about 3.5 kilograms.

Intex kidz portable travel bed

This bed is inflatable, comes with a hand pump and has sides to prevent little kids from rolling off. The mattress is separated from the frame hence you can easily tuck sheets in. Intex kidz travel bed comes with a carry bag for storage. You can add a twin bed sheet, a soft fleece blanket and a pillow. This bed weighs four kilograms.

Leachco BumpZZZ travel bed

BumpZZZtravel bed is a soft folding toddler bed and has firm cushioned bumpers in all sides and a padded bottom for cozy comfort. The bed is light and folds compactly into its storage bag. The outer bumper padding and center pad are removable for washing. This travel bed occupies a lot of space and hence not recommended for air travel. BumpZZZ is perfect for camping, road trips, playtime, reading, napping or any time your kid needs a soft spot to land.

AeroBed sleep tight mattress for kids

This bed is one of the best toddler inflatable beds with four inch raised sides to prevent kids from rolling out of bed. The surface is soft and suitable for toddlers and designed to last for a long period. It is built with a strong PVC and the mattress is washable. This bed is simple to assemble, has a carry bag and a pump capable of inflating within a minute.